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CS6719 integrates three main functions in a single chip providing optimal solutions for various fiber module applications. The functional blocks include a 1.25G post-amplifier, a 1.25G burst or continuous mode LD driver, and configuration logic for configuring and controlling the module functions

The post-amplifier receives AC coupled differential signal from pre-amplifier and performs the quantization amplifications. There are total four amplification stages excluding the output stage. The offset cancellation is built-in on chip. The output level of the post-amplifier can be configured. The LOS status is also configurable as a set peak level detection by the post-amplifier or combined with ADC detection on peak level.

The LD driver performs the transmit function that receives the PECL differential signal TXINP/TXINN and convert to drive LD output driver. The LD driver is also controlled by burst-enable signal TX_DIS. The polarity of control can be configured. The laser driver includes differential modulation outputs and DC bias control output. The setting of output power level is controlled through automatic power control loop and is configurable by configuration logic. The output can be connected to Laser diode either by AC or DC coupled. The transmit path can be enabled or disabled by TXEN signal

The configuration logic is the flexibility and versatility of controlling and configurations of fiber module design. Almost all configurations and parameters of the PA and LD driver parameters and can be controlled by external MCU through I2C slave interface. The 12-bit ADC on chip can be used to acquire various internal and external analog signals such on-chip temperature sensor and reference voltages. The I2C slave interface also serves as ISP/IAP interface as well as SFP/SFF DMI function

CS6719 integrates essential building blocks for Fiber module design. The integration of configuration logic allows precision control to tailor various module applications and facilitates configuration and automatic calibration in the manufacturing process. Using CS6719, the module can achieve low cost and high performance fiber module and can be applied in FTTH, BPON, and GEPON.



Post Amplifier 
• 155MBPS - 1.25GBPS
• -3dB bandwidth 850MHz  20KHz
• 2mV sensitivity
• On-chip offset cancellation
• Programmable signal detect level and hysteresis
• Programmable LOS function and Power detection
刋- SD control
刋- Peak/ADC control
刋- External Monitor/ADC control
• Programmable output
• Programmable power down 


LD Driver 
• Bias current up to 100mA
• Differential modulation current outputs up to 80mA
• Programmable bias and modulation current control
• Digital automatic power control loop
刋- Open or close loop
刋- Loop monitoring by external MCU
• Rise/Fall time < 200psec
• Burst or continuous mode compatible
• Programmable polarity and TX fail function
• Programmable power down and TX enable/disable function
• Laser safety power monitor and warning


• I2C slave for host ISP/IAP and DMI
• 8-Channel 12-bit ADC
• 10-bit R2R DAC
• On-chip temperature sensor


• Low power consumption (300mW)
• Single 3.3V supply with on-chip regulator
• Extended temperature range -40oC ~ +85oC
• QFN-28
• RoHS compliance package




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